Sunday, November 28, 2010

Do you remember the first time?

Do you remember the first yoga class you took?

I kind of don't, actually. I mean, I can't remember what we did exactly. I don't remember thinking that it felt like coming home, it felt more like "what the hell have I got myself into?!".
It was hard, my whole body was tight and not flexible at all, I couldn't follow the sun salutations despite all the pre warm-ups and all that leg stretching, that "your-body-should-look-like-an-inverted V" asathingy was bloody hard, I mean how is that supposed to look like a dog stretching?

I remember missing the second class I was supposed to take, thanks to starting a brand new job on the other side of town (yes the one I still have today) and not knowing how easy it was to walk back home (yoga was literally 5 minutes away from home) when there was a public transportation strike.

I remember going the week after though, because then I remembered how I had felt AFTER that first class. Yes it was hard, and I was never going to put my foot behind my head, but I felt good. I could live with that.

Do you remember the first class you taught, one-on-one or group class?

I remember. Mind you, I would be worried if I didn't, as it happened yesterday.
I remember being more excited than scared the days before, then slightly nervous 5 minutes before. And then really good :)
So I thank my first official student for trusting me and letting me guide her, and for showing me I could do this.

Wanna know the best part for me? In savasana I covered her with a blanket. She said afterwards that she loved it, because since her husband left her with their 2 daughters almost 2 years ago, nobody had done that for her. Such a simple thing.
I guess that was as much yoga as giving her hands-on assists in that "your-body-should-look-like-an-inverted V" asathingy.

Yesterday I learned as much as I taught :)


  1. yep- it was in Montréal. i hated it... but then we were on the search for the perfect yoga instructor. found him at the YMCA. :)

  2. my first yoga class was in mozambic, not with a teacher but with a friend who came for my dance workshop and suggest me to try ashtanga! it took me 2 years to go to mysore after!! and actually, suffering of injury i do feel like a beginner

  3. i can't really remember my first class (except being so impressed with the girl who explained the difference between "yoga" breathing and "pilates" breathing and wondering how she ever remembered which was which. I do remember my first handful of hot classes and thinking they were complete hell and now i teach. i remember my first "class".. last day of training we broke into pairs to teach a full 1-hour class each... on the beach with the Toronto skyline in the background... bliss. fave yoga experience to date!!

  4. "Asathingy" might just be my new favorite word. :) My practice began with this rockin' lady who had a yoga program on a local channel. I have her to thank for jump-starting my amazing journey.

  5. Thanks a lot for your comments everyone - looks like it wasn't bliss at first sight, right? ;)