Tuesday, November 2, 2010


or the American experience in French and English :)

Short but intense trip, we walked and walked and walked some more, ate and ate and ate some more, swam in a hotel swimming pool, had brunch with a lovely lady, got snowed on (I can't quiet figure out why we didn't get a cold), got jumped on by a hungry squirrel, had countless pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks (no, we don't have pumpkin spice lattes in Europe), walked through wonderful parks, saw many houses for sale we said we'd buy, and saw a lot of vampires we would not buy. And yoga was, once again, more practiced off the mat than on :)

Yesterday was spent travelling back to Brussels, we landed this morning way too early for my liking, and I'm functioning on a two-hours sleep night, so if you allow me, I will show you some pictures before my brain shuts down.

Enjoy :)

Rue Sainte-Catherine

Pecan pie - 'nuff said


Port of Montreal

Can't help taking photos of paths in woods - this and lamp posts, don't ask
If by any chance you want to read more of my musings, as promised you can find me over there!


  1. ooh, what fun! yay montreal! i had fun having brunch with you and learning about belgian politics. it sounds like you enjoyed the rest of your stay. i can't believe you witnessed montreal's first early snow! imagine more of that, for 4 solid months, and that's winter in montreal. i hope you enjoyed halloween. did you end up going to the rocky horror picture show?

    come again any time! and i'll let you know when i'm next in europe...