Monday, May 24, 2010

Manic Monday... not

Uh oh, I almost forgot I had a blog there!
These last few days have been exhausting, as I had planned, what with work, classes, yoga workshops, oh and trying to find some moments with Lovely Boyfriend too! I'm glad today is a public holiday here, I can tell you...

But it seems this week is starting on the right foot:
- as you know my job is slowly getting my brain to shut down, but there might be an opportunity for me to evolve in the future, in the same company. It's ok, I love working there, it's just the JOB I do I'm starting to hate. Let's see how it unravels, meeting with HR tomorrow... this won't be my life-long goal, but it's a nice step towards it.

- evening classes: the second-to-last week is now starting, and the exams are looming. Which means it will be over soon and my schedule will be a bit lighter (and my resume a little bit heavier ;-)). First exam: next Saturday, presentation of a business plan in group. I thought we would never be done on time, but it seems now that I was wrong. Still some work to do, but we'll get there!

Home office

Oops, wrong window!

- I had an amazing yoga workshop this weekend, on Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday morning. It was hard after the third practice, but it also felt so good! My teacher here in Brussels is just great :-)

It's beautiful here today, I think my terrace is calling my name. Have a great week!


  1. Oh it sounds like you have enjoyed some yoga and nice weather! Have a great week and thanks for the sweet comment re my photos :)


  2. i have my class tomorrow... ive studied your email... ill let you know how it goes!!! thank you again!!