Monday, May 3, 2010

No words

can truly truly describe what I experienced this week end.

I cannot just write a proper recap, it would not do justice to what really happened. Actually I am not sure I know what really happened, it's still sinking it.
The funny thing is, when I signed for this training I was more intrigued than excited, a bit skeptical maybe, but I wanted to see for myself and learn (and practice yoga in London? where do I sign?). So I went with an open mind. Ok, I still have some perspective here, but I have to admit that nothing could have prepared me for this.

I didn't expect to be so touched and moved, I didn't expect to dig so deep into my own self, I didn't expect to sweat so much (oh yeah!), I didn't expect to stand on my hands (with great assists may I add), I didn't expect to break down in savasana, I didn't expect to have such a powerful meditation, connected with all the people around me and yet being out there, "seeing" beyond the very room, I didn't expect to stand up and share my meditation experience with this yoga community I was part of for the week end. I didn't expect all of this, yet it all happened and I'm still in shock ;-)

I can sense more happened, deep down, but it has yet to be shown to be.

I am tired, physically and emotionally, and yet I feel so empowered now.

I'll leave you with what I wrote on my notebook when Baron asked what our new way of being was: my new way of being is of confidence, openness, and fearlessness. The possibilities for me now would be to connect with people, and show people that it is possible to let go of fear. This is what inspires me, and this is the message I will send out there when I teach.

I can't wait to go back to London and start my teacher training!


  1. that sounds amazing. congratulations!

  2. Yay! That is so great! Beautiful.