Saturday, May 15, 2010

I like food, food tastes good

*Beware, totally random post written between setting a business plan and drafting a HR dissertation, all for my evening classes final - don't expect anything coherent and super wise*

I would love to tell you that Emma's post on eating more when practicing yoga got me thinking and that I came up with deep thoughts on diet and yoga and that I now am a great swami and can start a yoga style of my own.
Oh yeah, I would love to tour the world promoting my style and books and make major bucks out of it and inspire people.

But I will not tell you this, because it didn't happen. I will only reiterate my love of food and say it loud: I like food, food tastes good (maybe not "greasy burgers greasy fries", but you get the idea).
I have a healthy balanced vegetarian diet, making sure I eat enough to get me going through the crazy days of work/evening classes/yoga practice/workouts/what's left to live. But first and foremost, I eat food I love, I don't eat food I barely enjoy just because "it's good for my health". I eat to live and because I love it :-)

This is my plate from yesterday evening, after working out. Yes I devoured it all. And then I had a small pack of dried mango. And some chocolate. Because I'm worth it.

Enough with the randomness, I have to get some work done. Or yoga. Or work. Or yoga.

*EDIT: yoga 1 - work 0*


  1. Great thoughts, lovely post...
    The sushi looks great and it's so important to fuel ourselves always, when doing yoga or not, and to listen to what our body's need.

    HAve a great weekend!

  2. oh! that's me!

    although, im sure that you didnt need me to start thinking about food.. i know i definitely dont need any help with that.

    i just made myself dinner... before going to a potluck.

    true story!

  3. hey other emma! i need your help with something... can you email me? egsilverman at gmail dot come

    i would be forever appreciative!


  4. I heart you.
    Unfortunately, I devour it all...without having done the yoga...I know it's emotional and I feel like crap...and I'm working on it...but it still happens...trying not to be too hard on myself...