Tuesday, June 1, 2010


- Finance presentation : check;
- Start studying for exams: check;
- Speak to HR about job change: check;
- Hurt my calf muscle and not be able to work out: check;
- Getting really tired: check;
- Practice yoga: check

To do:
- Keep studying. Ugh, when?
- Stop losing my marbles at work: working on it;
- Prepare job evolution. Patience patience patience, it will happen, transition will last a few months, patience patience patience;
- Practice yoga: more than ever. I need my time on the mat to keep my sanity and keep my life off the mat in check;
- Try not to let my sweet tooth lead completely when stressed. Oh come on, dark hazelnut chocolate never hurt anyone. Please?
- Get some sleep. Right;
- Get a social life back. Don't even remember what it is;
- Remember to spend some QT with Lovely Boyfriend. The only moments we're getting together are when we are food shopping and cleaning the apartment, and we still manage to have some fun and laugh. Did I mention he's the best?
- And remember to breathe :-)

I am tired, juggling a full time job and evening classes even if only twice a week (and a couple of Saturdays) can be tough. Especially when said job is no longer satisfying and it takes me twice as long to accomplish simple tasks. But in two weeks my exams will be almost over, and i will change jobs, still working at the same company but having a different position (thank you universe!), not exactly what I want to be in the long term but it is one step closer. i just have to hold on a little bit more and everything will fall into place.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Check.


  1. does having the name emma make you into a crazy list maker? i cannot stop. at least one a day. it's a purely love/love relationship.

  2. After careful consideration, it seems you are right, oh dear. I start most of my days at work writing to-do lists, at home I am the shopping-list maker. Add this to my list of qualities :-D