Monday, August 16, 2010

Tokyo Part 1 - modernity

So, Tokyo, Japan...
As you know, Japan has been a dream of mine (and Lovely Boyfriend's actually) for, like, ever. And we decided this year would be the year we would go. And we went!

We were there for a little over a week, we flew to Tokyo on August 4th and came back last Friday, August 13th. I wont bore you with how long the journey was and how uncomfortable plane seats are when you really want to sleep (and I'm short. Can't imagine what it's like for tall people).

We stayed in and around Tokyo, but there was so much and so little time that we just walked and walked all over the place. And then we did some walking, and we saw this:


View of Tokyo from Sumitomo Building in Shinjuku

Shibuya by day

Shibuya by night

Akihabara - there's a place full of these things, with I don't know how many floors...

This place is amazing. Truly. It is crowded, loud, lit all day long, and yet... yet you never feel stressed out or overwhelmed by noise, it is a really strange feeling. The Japanese society is a very complex one, with so many codes and rules, yet this is the place where you enter a shop thinking you will find there some comics you know or some fun stuff, and then when you go up one floor every shelf is covered with porn (live or animated). The people here are so polite and respectful that the control freak inside of me has started glowing with contentment.

We loved every second of it, and it all went too fast. But we are already making plans to go back there, probable when we win the lottery :-)

Part 2? Traditional side of the city, plus a few confessions, so stay tuned!


  1. Yay, more please! :) Also, am loving this quote, "...the control freak inside of me has started glowing with contentment."

  2. I can't wait to read more about your experience of Japan. I often miss Japan and Japanese people and I definitely want to go back before I leave Asia! :)

  3. Hello dears, I have loads and loads of photos, that obviously I can't upload here. I was thinking of a web gallery maybe, I'll think it over (and try to improve my technology skills without throwing my laptop out of the window)