Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday thoughts

I've been thinking a lot lately, my mind is racing in full gear, and I've been excited and overwhelmed.

Excited because I have a lot of ideas, that might turn into proper projects, because at some point acting and doing is the way to go. Overwhelmed because there are so many things I want to do, and so little time, not to mention little money (oh the ugly word ;-)).

See I started this blog because I had been thinking a lot about my life, I had started taking steps towards changes, and yoga has played a tremendous part in this direction (or better said, I let yoga play a huge part).
I'm feeling now that I've gone up a gear, and that this whole change thing is not only about me, about who I want to be, but also what difference I can make and how other people's lives can benefit from my actions. How can I step off my mat and make this difference, how can I help?

Yesterday I got caught up in this whirlwind of thoughts again, you know, how? when? where? what about my full-time job? what are we going to do?
And today it's kind of fallen into place. I stepped on my mat, chose to do a podcast, aimed at simplicity, you breathe, you move, no questions, no drama, and I went with the flow. I realized that you don't have to look for change for it to happen, because eventually, as your perspective is shifting, change does happen, and then comes a time when you have no choice but feel compelled to act, because that's what you are.

Enoshima, Japan

Meanwhile things might be a bit uncomfortable but you learn, you learn to be happy where you are, because where you are is the right place to be at this moment. It doesn't mean settling in indefinitely because you've been told that that is what life is. It means appreciate what you have at this very moment, while you move forward, and you will appreciate where you'll be in a day, a week, a month, while everything's unfolding. You're enjoying the journey and fully embracing the stage you're in, I guess that's my take on santosha :-)

So I'll be happy where I am, and I'll keep going my way. It will all fall into place, it's the natural evolution, I definitely believe it.

Have a nice Sunday :-)

Enoshima, Japan


  1. I love your thoughts and your Tokyo pictures : )

  2. i enjoy reading your sunday's thoughts

  3. Beautiful!
    You breathe, you move, and although(maybe because?) there is discomfort, you grow. Into a new and wondrous shape.


  4. Thanks for the blog comment, and i'm glad we can both relate!! hope you'll be blogging about your YTT!:)

  5. Thanks a lot everyone for your nice comments! And yes, I will be blogging about my YTT, I'm already excited about it :-)

  6. I love the Buddhist feet! They make me want to get some henna and go crazy.

    I think when we are in balance within ourselves, we fall into balance with the Universe as well. That's what I think about when you talk about the Flow. When you step into it, and let go, it takes you where you are meant to be.

    In the meantime, enjoy the journey!

  7. thank you Emma (thats my sisters name too!)
    for the beautiful comment you left on my blog :)
    It really lifted my spirits to have such support and love from people i've never even met before.

    I hope your days are as beautiful as you've helped mine become