Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is me, then

Some of you might have already seen this picture here, but as I am all for recycling and sustainability, including digital photos, so there you go.

I used to wish I were tall, lean and skinny. But I'm not.

I am short, I am not fat, I am not skinny either.

I have boobs, I have a belly with a life of its own no matter how hard I try and do abs (hellooo, muffin top!), I have wide hips, I have strong thighs. Hell, I might even have bra fat but I didn't bother to check in the mirror.
I will never be tall and lean and skinny. But that's ok.

I practice yoga because it keeps me grounded. I practice yoga because my body, my mind, my heart, open. I practice yoga because it makes me a better person. Not perfect, only better, according to my own perception of what "better" is.
I don't practice yoga to lose weight. I will never be tall and lean and skinny, and it's ok.

This is me, then.

You? You might be tall and lean and skinny. You might be short, and skinny. You might be short and bigger than me. You might be taller and bigger than me. You might be a blonde, a brunette, a red head. You might have smaller boobs and wider hips. Or tiny boobs and tiny hips.
You might not look that way you want to look, but you know what? You are enough. You are beautiful the way you are. You are you, and it's ok.

This is you, then.


  1. love it...thanks : )

  2. i never think of weight and it still changing from a few kilos, in function of how much chocolates and cake i do eat...
    i practise yoga because i love it, because it does change my life, because its open my heart and my mind
    thanks for posting

  3. I like yoga because it grounding and relaxing. It is sad that it has become marketed as quick fix weight loss solution.

  4. Yup, I have strong thighs too. How great! Power. No need to be scared of or repulsed by that!
    Yay us.

  5. Thanks beautiful ladies, and let's celebrate, well, us :-)

  6. love this ~ it reads almost like a manifesto. very powerful and inspiring!

  7. Roseanne: thank you, it is kind of a manifesto, you're right!
    Brooks: do I need to thank you again ;-)

  8. Awesome. One of the coolest things about all the slimsexycalm nonsense (I typed "slime" by accident, Freudian slip) is all the lovely responses, from the Dr. Seussian poem on Y is for Yogini to this.

    Thanks, Emma.

  9. Awesome. Thank you for this beautiful post!

  10. Bravo! We are all unique in our shape and size (and so many other ways), and that's perfectly natural, beautiful and okay. Bra fat and all! :)