Friday, July 2, 2010

An end and a start

July already... I celebrated half 2010 with this:

Times 2. Love champagne! 

also because I got this:

Yup, that would be my diploma, I'm smarter and I can be a boss now. Oh and no, the strawberry and cherry stickers didn't come with it, I'm just trying to hide my name in the most graceful and colourful way possible. Lame, I know, but this is me then.

"Grande distinction" means I can be the boss of the world, no less.

This marks the end of my evening course, in the best possible way. New knowledge, new friends, new confidence, new job in the end, it all works out nicely.

It is also the moment to start a new chapter, one I'm beyond excited to open: yoga teacher training. I won't lie, I am also a little bit nervous. Just a little bit. I am expecting a lot and at the same time I don't know what to expect. All that I know is that I'm about to embark on what will certainly be a life-changing journey! I will have a first glimpse with an immersion weekend next week, and then starting September I'll be going to yoga school once a month (which means spending a whole weekend in London once a month, my bank account has been rushed to the hospital for depression but with some support it will make it through the training, and I will be a happy London camper, yes yes yes. I mean, London baby!).

To add up to the fun, to help transitioning between business management evening course and yoga teacher training, Lovely Boyfriend and I will be taking a break in the form of a trip to Japan next month, fulfilling a life-long dream. Could it get any better?

What a year it's been so far, and what it will be!


  1. oh my goodness, congratulations ms. e! now you will post every day, no?

  2. @Jamie: thanks!
    @Emma: post every day... now you've put it out to the universe, let's hope it can happen! :-D

  3. congrats on the diploma!!!! job well done!!

  4. Congratulations for everything! It's great to start a new chapter and to embark in new adventures!