Thursday, July 29, 2010

B to B

I live in the city, I've always been, I enjoy cities, and when I was a teenager I thought I could never live in the country. I mean, country is boring and full of cows, what's to like about the country? 

I still live in the city, the "capital of Europe" even. I enjoy going to London, and I can't wait to go there once a month for a whole weekend of yoga teacher training as of September.
Yet, from time to time, I enjoy a retreat far away, deep in the country, with cows and all. 

End of 2008, my parents, who still live in Dijon, bought a small house in Morvan, a rural area in Burgundy. Not the most glamourous part of the Burgundy countryside (wineries!), but the place where you can almost feel still what it was like to live in rural France a century ago while promoting its traditions with the modern IT tools of the society we live in. A place where someone can play the accordion on the street just because they feel like it but also where you can listen to the local American guy sing a Leadbelly song at the pub. A place when goofing around trying to kick into headstand on the crooked ground in the backyard can turn out to be the most fun yoga practice you had lately. A place where you can really, really feel the earth. And reground.

I was there last week, for the weekend, with my parents. I wanted to visit them before leaving for Japan for the holidays. And it was literally like taking a slow, long, nice deep breathe in, and then let it all out.

(yes I like woods. And paths in woods)

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  1. I'm a Montana ranch girl. There is nothing, nothing better than going "home" and feeling the land, breathing in that huge Big Sky...aaahh.