Monday, June 7, 2010

Lesson learned

Did you know I'm a crazy list maker? Oh yeah you knew ;-) So easy when you can't be bothered to write a full blown post  run out of time because of a crazy schedule ("once more unto the breach my friend", and it will soon be over)

A couple of random things:
- I'm quoting Shakespeare because I want to and I love "Henry V".
- I am good at accounting. Yeah, I know. So exciting.
- I am a ball of stress when I have exams / have to travel (not because of getting on a plane or a train, but because my worst fear in traveling is missing said plane or train - yes I am extreme like that), and there's nothing I can do about it (you don't want to know the symptoms, let's just say I have to turn a special room in my apartment into my secondary residence on those days).
- But there's one thing yoga has taught me: acceptance. They (who?) say yoga is good for stress management. At least I have learned to manage by accepting and letting things be. Stress (and subsequent abdominal pains) does not define me, but it's part of me. Fighting it will make it worse, so I'll just breathe and acknowledge it's here. In a way it makes me feel better.
- This, and not having dairy.
- I love working from home. I have to negotiate this more often :-D
- I love dried mango, but you knew this already.
- I have to go to bed, or I won't be able to wake up tomorrow.
- I will write a real post soon, I promise.