Monday, October 11, 2010

Balancing pose

Image found over there - check out the Ananta series, it's absolutely beautiful. I want a mold of the Shiva Nataraja 3D rendering for my future pooja table. 

Balancing poses are bloody hard. That is stating the obvious, yes, but sometimes it's good to write it out loud (how can one write something out loud? well I just did).

Balancing poses require strength in the legs and arms, depending on which limb you choose to, er, balance. They also require core strength. They require focus. They require freedom. They require trust. They require that you take a leap of faith at some point.

Now take all these elements off the mat and bring them to your life. Don't you believe that sometimes life is a big mo'fo' balancing pose? Sometimes you feel free, tall, dare I say grand, like standing on the shoulders of giants. And sometimes your tree is wobbly. Your crow is crumbling and the floor is looking dangerously close.

On and off the mat, there is just one thing to do: breathe and find your tadasana. Let go of the fear, and focus.
And have some chocolate.


  1. i love balancing poses just for that- how they force you to focus and ground. :)

    right now my life is very much like a balancing pose- thank you for the reminder (and that i need some chocolate :) ).

  2. Well said, balancing poses - on and off the mat - are tricky, hard and involve a lot of focus and strength (in all possible meanings of the word strenght!)...and yes...a lot of chocolate too!

  3. Life sure IS a goddamn balancing pose. Sometimes we fall, sometimes we rock it. Key is to keep going. We only get better. :)

    P.S. Your fave chocolate? white, dark, milk, etc.....

  4. The moment you find the balance, it feels like flying :-) Even if it's just for a moment, it makes all the trying and the falling worth it!
    Oh, and the Chocolate... I don't think I know a yogini who doesnt't enjoy it ;-))