Friday, October 15, 2010

Water : life

Water... in our industrialized and "modern" society, do we ever question water and its availability? Do we ever stop to think about water? Do we even realize how powerful water is?

Water is life and death. Too much of it, you die. Too little of it, you die. Too much water consumed, the Earth dies, you die.

A water crisis is on our doorstep. Soon water will be fought over, if it's not the case already. Our resources are endangered. Our overuse of water has impacted the environment. Sounds daunting, right?

Good news is, we can do something to address this crisis. Great organizations are working towards solutions and we, on a personal level, can be a part of the solutions.

Why am I writing about water, on this blog, today? Because today is Blog Action Day and this is my own action, and remember people: together we can move moutains!

Side note: this weekend I'll be in Amsterdam for the European Summit for Global Transformation, I guess Global Transformation starts here :)

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  1. Just happened across your blog and enjoyed this post. I had a similar thought a while back at how sacred water is and the way we take our rivers for granted. It inspired me to listen and appreciate the beauty of the river next to my yoga shala. Peace!