Monday, May 24, 2010

Manic Monday... not

Uh oh, I almost forgot I had a blog there!
These last few days have been exhausting, as I had planned, what with work, classes, yoga workshops, oh and trying to find some moments with Lovely Boyfriend too! I'm glad today is a public holiday here, I can tell you...

But it seems this week is starting on the right foot:
- as you know my job is slowly getting my brain to shut down, but there might be an opportunity for me to evolve in the future, in the same company. It's ok, I love working there, it's just the JOB I do I'm starting to hate. Let's see how it unravels, meeting with HR tomorrow... this won't be my life-long goal, but it's a nice step towards it.

- evening classes: the second-to-last week is now starting, and the exams are looming. Which means it will be over soon and my schedule will be a bit lighter (and my resume a little bit heavier ;-)). First exam: next Saturday, presentation of a business plan in group. I thought we would never be done on time, but it seems now that I was wrong. Still some work to do, but we'll get there!

Home office

Oops, wrong window!

- I had an amazing yoga workshop this weekend, on Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday morning. It was hard after the third practice, but it also felt so good! My teacher here in Brussels is just great :-)

It's beautiful here today, I think my terrace is calling my name. Have a great week!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I like food, food tastes good

*Beware, totally random post written between setting a business plan and drafting a HR dissertation, all for my evening classes final - don't expect anything coherent and super wise*

I would love to tell you that Emma's post on eating more when practicing yoga got me thinking and that I came up with deep thoughts on diet and yoga and that I now am a great swami and can start a yoga style of my own.
Oh yeah, I would love to tour the world promoting my style and books and make major bucks out of it and inspire people.

But I will not tell you this, because it didn't happen. I will only reiterate my love of food and say it loud: I like food, food tastes good (maybe not "greasy burgers greasy fries", but you get the idea).
I have a healthy balanced vegetarian diet, making sure I eat enough to get me going through the crazy days of work/evening classes/yoga practice/workouts/what's left to live. But first and foremost, I eat food I love, I don't eat food I barely enjoy just because "it's good for my health". I eat to live and because I love it :-)

This is my plate from yesterday evening, after working out. Yes I devoured it all. And then I had a small pack of dried mango. And some chocolate. Because I'm worth it.

Enough with the randomness, I have to get some work done. Or yoga. Or work. Or yoga.

*EDIT: yoga 1 - work 0*

Monday, May 10, 2010

London and Bruss'hell

Oh my, last week was awful, maybe I should have stayed in London ;-)
I almost forgot to show you where I spent the whole weekend last week, so here we go:

First Whole Foods experience - I will never get over it. Why isn't there one in Brussels?

First Whole Foods loot - it was not the last my friends
One thing was already eaten when the picture was taken, can you spot it?

See that place with the purple logo? That was the yoga studio ( Lovely!

And that little tea salon is where I sipped a nice cup of green Earl Grey tea, in front of the studio, on the very first day. Nice way to start the weekend!

It was hard to come back to Brussels, I've just felt out of place since. The Baron Baptiste weekend left me tired not only physically but also emotionally, I felt drained. And last week at work was horrible. I won't go into details but I'm getting more and more frustrated in my job, I'm not the only one here so in a way it kind of makes things more bearable. In a way...
The thing is, I know what I want to do but it will take some time and additional training to do it. Or maybe I should start acting and stop planning? Maybe ;-)

In one month I will already be in exam period, and I have some homework to do before that, it's a bit overwhelming but I will get things done. And I will pass with flying colours, because I said it :-D
I hope to be blogging more often but I have a lot of work to do, so I'll do my best!

Monday, May 3, 2010

No words

can truly truly describe what I experienced this week end.

I cannot just write a proper recap, it would not do justice to what really happened. Actually I am not sure I know what really happened, it's still sinking it.
The funny thing is, when I signed for this training I was more intrigued than excited, a bit skeptical maybe, but I wanted to see for myself and learn (and practice yoga in London? where do I sign?). So I went with an open mind. Ok, I still have some perspective here, but I have to admit that nothing could have prepared me for this.

I didn't expect to be so touched and moved, I didn't expect to dig so deep into my own self, I didn't expect to sweat so much (oh yeah!), I didn't expect to stand on my hands (with great assists may I add), I didn't expect to break down in savasana, I didn't expect to have such a powerful meditation, connected with all the people around me and yet being out there, "seeing" beyond the very room, I didn't expect to stand up and share my meditation experience with this yoga community I was part of for the week end. I didn't expect all of this, yet it all happened and I'm still in shock ;-)

I can sense more happened, deep down, but it has yet to be shown to be.

I am tired, physically and emotionally, and yet I feel so empowered now.

I'll leave you with what I wrote on my notebook when Baron asked what our new way of being was: my new way of being is of confidence, openness, and fearlessness. The possibilities for me now would be to connect with people, and show people that it is possible to let go of fear. This is what inspires me, and this is the message I will send out there when I teach.

I can't wait to go back to London and start my teacher training!